Sunday, May 18, 2014

New purpose

With our family spreading so far and wide, I have shared authorship of this blog with my children.  I invite them to post often to allow us to keep in contact with each other.  As an empty nester, I would love to receive reports regularly from my children.  We will try to contribute also.  Let me know if you have additional ideas for this blog.  I love you all, Dad

Sunday, May 10, 2009

After two years of "No Postings"

My chldren have convinced me by their wonderful bloggins, that this may be very benificial for our posterity. I've been trying to decide how and where to keep a journal and also start a personal history. Doing a blog may help to fill both of those requirements in the end. I also spoke with a cousin who said that you can make your blogs into books, which also excited me. I guess I am afraid that someday siper space will crash and then what? So with this in mind I will start anew. The problem at the moment is our good computer is in the shop, so all the pictures that need to be downloaded can't be. So this entry will be pictureless, but hopefully soon I will be able to get going again.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

American West Heritage Museum-Corn Maize

McKenna Agenda: On Saturday October 27, 2007, Mike's Birthday, we went on our McKenna Agenda adventure to the Corn Maize at the American West Heritage Museum. Here are some pictures from that excursion. If you don't see Dave it is because I could never catch him. Also, the camera we used for the family photo would not allow the photographer to zoom in, so the picture is a little blurry. Dad's hoping to get a better camera for Christmas.

Mike the "Birthday Guy" and his Aumanie.
Walker enjoying the adventure, always a smile and what curly hair.
Jorgen sitting on his some wheels holding Jaxon. Braxton and Eliza checking out this old auto.
Wade shooting a gord from the stationary launch.

Eliza hitching a ride on Poppie's shoulders.
A glove pointing the way through the maize.
Eliza, Oh Eliza she'll find the way out of this maize by herself if she has too.
Cooper taking a break on Poppie's shoulders.
Poppie and Kayla heading for the Maize.

Family Group. The only shot of Dave I got all day.
Super Cole letting Grandma take his picture on top of the hay bales.
Aumanie and Kayla resting after the Maize.
Cooper trying to find the trail through the maize.

Here's Eliza again, just walking and walking. Which way is out!

Jorgen hanging on the sign in this family pic.

Matthew helping Eliza on top of the Hay bale maize. The kids had more fun playing on top of it than finding their way through the Hay bales.

Another shot of Cole on the Big Hay Bales.

Wade in the Tunnel under the hay bales.

Braxton in the tunnel.

Cooper in the Tunnel.

Kayla picking corn.

Wade shooting gords with Cooper and Tyler looking on.

Tyler, Corina and Jaxon with a dried cob of corn.

Kim enjoying a rest after the Maze. This was a fun day. We were all a little tired from walking.